US Lacrosse Introduces Unified Field for Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse

By Paul Ohanian

Unified Field

US Lacrosse has developed a unified field with shared markings and adjusted dimensions for boys’ and girls’ youth lacrosse. Two versions of the field have been developed – one that is 120 yards in length and another that is 110 yards long. The synchronized fields were developed with input from members of the US Lacrosse Men’s and Women’s Rules Subcommittees, and are presented as an alternate option for youth play.

“The primary purpose of this initiative is to provide an option for schools, leagues and other organizations that may have limited physical space and resources,” said Rick Lake, Men’s Game Senior Manager at US Lacrosse.

Field deterioration, especially on natural grass surfaces, concentrated in specific high traffic areas should also be minimized.

Unified Field

“The alternative of a unified field will allow for an easy transition from a girls’ to boys’ game and may help limit the impact of deterioration around the boys’ crease that has traditionally been located at the top of the girls’ 8-meter,” said Caitlin Kelley, Women’s Game Senior Manager at US Lacrosse.

The fields will be formally presented to youth coaches and game officials during the Youth Rules Interpretation session at the US Lacrosse Convention in Baltimore, January 22-24.

“The US Lacrosse Rules Subcommittees for both games did a great job to find a format that worked for both sports and which also met the needs of many youth leagues,” Kelley said.

Downloads of both unified field options are available here.

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