In our Resources Section, you’ll find helpful information on Liability Release, Parent and Player Conduct, as well as an ever-increasing Knowledge Base to help your family grow in your understanding and love for the game.

At Lauderdale Lacrosse, we desire to create a culture in which young people not only grow as athletes, but also as young men. By registering for and participating in our programs, you are agreeing to the following guidelines and accountability measures:

    • I understand and endorse the purpose of Lauderdale Lacrosse: to help boys become men of empathy and integrity who will lead, be responsible, and change the world for good.
    • I support the coaches by applauding behaviors in my child and teammates that demonstrate characteristics of integrity, empathy, sacrifice, and responsibility.
    • I acknowledge and appreciate every player’s growth towards maturity and efforts toward establishing stronger relationships with teammates, coaches, and themselves.
    • I affirm my child and teammates when good character, healthy sportsmanship, and other-centered behaviors are displayed. I will not only affirm athletic performance or a victory.
    • I serve as a role model for our players talking politely and acting courteously towards coaches, officials, other parents, visiting team parents, and spectators at practices, games, and meetings.
    • I model good sportsmanship. Acknowledge and applaud the efforts of team members and opponents. Accept defeat graciously by congratulating the members of the opposing team on a game well played.
    • I support the team regardless of how much or how little my child plays or what the win-loss record is.
    • I encourage my child and teammates with positive statements, even when they make mistakes because:
      1. 1. At every practice they are growing physically and emotionally.
      2. 2. At every practice they are learning moral and ethical lessons.
      3. 3. At every practice they are developing character.
    • I refrain from boasting about my child’s accomplishments.
    • When problems or questions arise, I have my child present the problem to the coach. This develops self-advocacy. After meeting with their coach, if the issue requires more clarity, I will contact the coach.

    Because I am a parent with the power, position, and platform to make a positive difference in the lives of all players, I commit to this code of conduct. When failing to live up to these standards, I will allow for accountability and take responsibility for my actions.

    • I accept responsibility for my behavior on and off the field. I understand that what I do and say affects my teammates, school, and other people either positively or negatively.
    • I lead courageously and live with integrity by speaking up against injustice and on behalf of others even when it is hard or unpopular.
    • I act with respect toward myself and the people and things around me including my parents, my coaches, my teammates, my teachers, my opponents, and the spectators.
    • I do not put people in boxes according to their race, gender, religion, neighborhood, sexual orientation or abilities. I judge people by the content of their character.
    • I act with empathy. I try to understand what is going on in the hearts and minds of others and what is causing those feelings so that I can be supportive and encouraging. I ask, “How can I help you?”
    • I serve as a role model at all times by talking politely and acting courteously toward coaches, teammates, opponents, officials, and spectators. I understand that it is a privilege to represent my family, school and community as a student-athlete.
    • I give 100% effort to practices, games, and events. I understand that effort demonstrates my commitment to the team and my respect for my coaches and teammates.
    • I display good sportsmanship. I acknowledge and applaud the efforts of others. I encourage my teammates with positive statements. I refrain from boasting to my teammates and ‘trash-talking’ to members of other teams. I accept defeat graciously by congratulating my opponents on a game well played.

    Because I represent my family, school, and team, I abide by the policies, rules and guidelines of the school, team, and coaches.

    • All players are required to wear a certified lacrosse helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, lacrosse gloves, mouthguard, and appropriate clothing, including team uniforms. In addition to the equipment mentioned, GOALIES are required to wear a chest protector, throat guard, and athletic cup. Rib pads are optional.
    • The rules for stick construction and length of the “field game” NFHS rules will be in place and enforced accordingly. All NOCSAE balls are legal.
    • All players must wear shoes appropriate for various surfaces (cleats for field, sneakers for indoor).
    • Eyewear must be medically approved.
    • Lauderdale Lacrosse IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for items and/or personal property lost or stolen during any program or event at any facility.
    • Players are forbidden to play with watches, earrings, bracelets, and rings.
    • No credits or refunds for this program including injury/illness (please see refund policy below.)
    • Property damage, stealing, use or possession of illegal substances including drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, weapons of any kind, lighters, or matches, will result in immediate dismissal. Additionally, the use of profane language, bullying, and/or abusive behavior will not be tolerated. Behavior deemed inappropriate (at the sole discretion of Lauderdale Lacrosse staff) will result in immediate dismissal from the program with no return of program fee.
    • Exemplary sportsmanship is required by all players and parents/ fans participating/ attending Lauderdale Lacrosse activities/games. Any actions (physical or verbal) deemed unsportsmanlike by the referee(s) or league officials may result in a MISCONDUCT, GAME MISCONDUCT, OR EJECTION PENALTY.
    • FIGHTING WORDS & UNNECESSARY ROUGHNESS- = Automatic EJECTION PENALTY, no exceptions. Unnecessary roughness also includes: grabbing the face mask, helmet, or chinstrap, hair pulling or head butting, or any play deemed by an official as an attempt or intentional act to physically hurt an opponent (attempt to injure including intentional boarding, spearing, etc.).
    • Any player caught back talking or taunting any official, referee, coach or spectator will result in a MAJOR PENALTY. Continued behavior will result in an EJECTION PENALTY. The referee shall assess a gross MISCONDUCT PENALTY/ EJECTION PENALTY to any player/ personnel or non-playing personnel (spectator) who: makes derogatory comments based upon race, ethnic origin, religious background or gender; threatens a referee or an official; makes obscene gestures; persists in such behavior after being ejected from a game; behaves in any manner to dishonor, embarrass, or disgrace the game.

    Should any of these incidents occur, it will be the responsibility of the player’s parent(s) or guardian(s) to bear the cost of any damages or loss of property to, or any extra charges by, the facility owner, or any other party, caused by a program participant. Parents will be informed immediately if any player is found with these items or participating in the aforementioned behaviors.

    US Lacrosse establishes eligibility guidelines in order to promote the game of lacrosse among the youth of America in a safe and sportsmanlike environment. To best achieve this goal, US Lacrosse believes that leagues, associations, and other organizers of youth lacrosse should seek to provide playing opportunities that, as much as possible, establish a “level playing field” among players of similar age, size, and ability.

    Age and Eligibility Guidelines are not considered “game-day rules” and are not enforced as game-day rules by officials. Exceptions to age divisions cannot be made on game day and all coaches must adhere to classifications as determined by their league or association.

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Leagues and associations should organize competition by age, and consider physical, cognitive, and emotional maturity when grouping players. For leagues or associations in which some local programs choose to organize their teams by grade, those teams should play in the age division determined by the oldest player on their roster. Teams organized by single birth year or single grade are suggested, but if a league needs to group two years/grades together it should strive to limit the maximum age difference between players in a youth game to no more than twenty-four (24) months.

Players who are participating in any high-school level program such as a high school freshman, JV-B, junior varsity, varsity or club team should not be eligible for U15 competition in the same season. This means that a player who is age-eligible for U15 but plays on a high school level team should not concurrently play on a youth league U15 team. At other times of the year this player may be U15 eligible; for example, for summer ball or fall ball play, depending on the guidelines of the sponsoring league or organization.

The following age groupings are determined as of the August 31st preceding competition.

NOTE: Age group references used in this section are in common usage but should not be understood literally. The U15 (read: “Under 15”) grouping means that, if a player is 14 years old on the cutoff date, he/she may participate in U15 competition as a 15-year old.

U15: All players must be 14 years old or younger on the August 31st preceding competition. It is recommended that when multiple teams exist within a program, the program should consider physical size, skill, and maturity when organizing teams.

U13: All players must be 12 years old or younger on the August 31st preceding competition. It is recommended that when multiple teams exist within a program, the program should consider physical size, skill, and maturity when organizing teams.

U11: All players must be 10 years old or younger on the August 31st preceding competition. It is recommended that when multiple teams exist within a program, the program should consider physical size, skill, and maturity when organizing teams.

U9: All players must be 8 years old or younger on the August 31st preceding competition. It is recommended that when multiple teams exist within a program, teams should consider physical size, skill, and maturity.

Special Consideration: Although it is not recommended that any athlete play below his age group, US Lacrosse recognizes the need for special consideration due to the physical and/or cognitive development of an athlete. It would be up to the league to establish a waiver process through which it can review such cases. Ultimately it is up to the league and athlete’s parents to come to an agreement.

2016 Age Grouping Quick Reference Table

Birthdate Age Bracket
Born on or after 9/1/1997 HS (all grades and 2017 seniors)
Born on or after 9/1/1999 U17 (no class of 2017 seniors)
Born on or after 9/1/2001 U15 (8th grade or DOB eligible)
Born on or after 9/1/2003 U13 (6-7th grade)
Born on or after 9/1/2005 U11 (4-5th grade)
Born on or after 9/1/2007 U9 (2-3rd grade)
Born on or after 9/1/2001 Girls MS (4-8th grade)
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Without exception, All Participants in Lauderdale Lacrosse Teams, Events, Clinics, Camps, Personal Training, or any other athletic activity MUST be an active member of USLacrosse. If you’re not a member, please click HERE and then email your member number to David Scully: david@lauderdalelacrosse.com.

In addition, all players must file appropriate release documents for each Lauderdale Lacrosse program. Release forms will be provided upon registration.


Due to the nature of pre-planned programs (i.e. fixed overhead costs, field/facility rentals, vendor contracts, apparel orders, & personnel), Lauderdale Lacrosse has a no refunds policy for events, teams, clinics and camps. (We are requesting that a player not miss more than 1 of the tournaments this season and therefore the maximum refund for missed tournaments will be $75.)

A credit for a future Lauderdale Lacrosse team, event, clinic or camp may be issued if it is proven through valid Medical Documentation that a player is physically unable to participate in an event. No credit may be given for weather cancellations or partial attendance. To request a future credit, please contact David Scully at david@lauderdalelacrosse.com.