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US Lacrosse Introduces Unified Field for Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse

By Paul Ohanian US Lacrosse has developed a unified field with shared markings and adjusted dimensions for boys’ and girls’ youth lacrosse. Two versions of the field have been developed – one that is 120 yards in length and another that is 110 yards long. The synchronized fields were developed with input from members of the US Lacrosse Men’s and ... More

How it Works: Cross-Checking Foul in Boys Lacrosse

By Gordon Corsetti Larry Palumbo This post is part of a multi-part series breaking down personal fouls in youth and high school boys lacrosse. Quotes and explanations below are specific to NFHS and US Lacrosse Boys’ Youth Rules. The post has been reviewed by Walt Munze, the national NFHS rules interpreter. The Rule Rule 5.2: “A player may not ... More