US Lacrosse National Tournament Opens

By Brian Logue

US Lacrosse National Tournament

John Strohsacker


BETHLEHEM, Pa. — On a day when women’s lacrosse took a leap forward with the debut of the United Women’s Lacrosse League, the sport got another look at the future with more than 1,000 of the nation’s top high school players competing in front of more than 200 college coaches at the 2016 US Lacrosse Women’s National Tournament at Lehigh University.

The event, celebrating its 83rd anniversary, has long celebrated women’s lacrosse from around the country and this year’s edition features 65 regional all-star teams representing 30 states. The teams compete in seven divisions and are separated based on the results of the previous year’s results.

The historic event is sponsored by the Heather Leigh Albert Lacrosse Foundation, Yolo Sportswear, First Scout Productions and Gatorade.

In the top flight, the Onondaga Division, Long Island Metro 1 has won two consecutive championships and they will play for a third straight title. Long Island swept its three pool play games to win its pool and will meet D.C. Metro 1 in Sunday’s championship game at 9 a.m. D.C. Metro downed Massachusetts/Rhode Island 2 by a score of 10-2 in its first game and then pulled out one-goal wins over Long Island Metro 2 and Philly 1 to win its pool in the Onondaga Division.

A Long Island team also rolled in the Seneca Division. Long Island Metro 3 won its three pool play games on Saturday and finishes its schedule against Illinois on Sunday. In the other pool in the Seneca Division, Upstate New York and Hudson Valley each have 2-1 records, but the pool title is wide open with all five teams having at least one win and one loss.

In the Oneida Division, New Hampshire/Vermont 1 won all three of its games on Saturday and will play Orlando 1 on Sunday morning. Orlando 1 opened with a loss, but then won its next two games and the winner of that game will win the pool. In the other pool, North Carolina went 2-0 and is the only undefeated team left on its side of the division.

In the Tuscarora Division, Washington State went 3-0 but will face another unbeaten team on Sunday morning when it squares off against South Florida (2-0). In the other half of the pool, Philly 4 and San Diego played to a 7-7 team and both teams carry 2-0-1 records.

In the Mohawk Division, Philly 5 edged Pittsburgh 10-9 in its final game of the day and leads the pool with a 3-0 record. Pittsburgh had been 2-0 coming into the game. In the other pool, Central Pennsylvania poured in 21 goals in its first game and kept on cruising, finishing with 51 goals in its three victories.

In the Cayuga Division, Orange County took command of its pool with an 11-8 win over a previously unbeaten North Coast Ohio team in its final Saturday game. The other pool will be decided by an intriguing match-up at 7 a.m. to open Sunday’s schedule. Tennessee, which won the Iroquois Division last year, is 3-0 and will meet a first-time team in the event, North Texas. North Texas is 2-0 and outscored its opponents 36-4.

In the Iroqouis Division, the only seven-team division in the event, Orlando 2 went 3-0 on Saturday and will meet up with the only other undefeated team in the division on Sunday. Kentucky, which will play two games on Sunday, went 2-0 on Saturday.


Cayuga Division

Orange County d. Oregon 11-7
Tennessee d. Los Angeles 10-9
North Coast Ohio d. Maine 8-7
WNY/Greater Rochester 2 d. Gulf Coast Florida 15-9
Oregon d. Nor Cal 2, 14-6
North Texas d. Los Angeles, 20-3
Maine d. Orange County, 10-6
Tennessee d. WNY/Greater Rochester 1, 15-1
Oregon tied North Coast Ohio 11-11
Los Angeles d. Gulf Coast Florida 13-9
Maine d. Nor Cal 2, 17-5
North Texas d. WNY/Greater Rochester 2, 16-1
Orange County d. North Coast Ohio, 11-8
Tennessee d. Gulf Coast, 13-5

Iroquois Division

Orlando 2 d. Central Texas 11-3
South Carolina d. Connecticut 3, 11-7
Kentucky d. Wisconsin, 11-8
Orlando 2 d. Connecticut 3, 8-7
South Carolina d. Arizona, 11-6
Wisconsin d. Central Texas, 15-7
Connecticut 3 d. Arizona, 8-5
Kentucky d. South Carolina, 16-6
Orlando 2 d. Wisconsin, 13-12
Arizona d. Central Texas, 9-5

Mohawk Division

Philly 5 d. Connecticut 2, 15-6
Central Pennsylvania d. Central Ohio, 21-3
Pittsburgh d. New Hampshire/Vermont 2, 8-7
Utah/Idaho d. Georgia 2, 8-7
Connecticut 2 d. Massachusetts/Rhode Island 4, 14-12
Central Pennsylvania d. Indiana, 19-6
Philly 5 d. New Hampshire/Vermont 2, 13-10
Georgia 2 d. Central Ohio, 8-5
Pittsburgh d. Connecticut 2, 13-10
Central Pennsylvania d. Utah/Idaho, 11-5
Massachusetts/Rhode Island 4 d. New Hampshire/Vermont 2, 18-2
Indiana d. Georgia 2, 11-9
Philly 5 d. Pittsburgh, 10-9
Utah/Idaho d. Central Ohio, 14-3

Oneida Division

New Hampshire/Vermont 1 d. New Jersey North 2, 11-5
New Jersey South 2 d. Adirondack, 11-6
Nor Cal 1 d. Orlando 1, 9-5
DC Metro 4 d. Colorado, 12-7
New Hampshire/Vermont 1 d. Philly 3, 13-8
North Carolina d. New Jersey South 2, 10-8
Orlando 1 d. New Jersey North 2, 10-8
DC Metro 4 d. Adirondack, 15-4
New Hampshire/Vermont 1 d Nor Cal 1, 10-4
New Jersey South 2 d. Colorado, 12-7
Orlando 1 d. Philly 3, 9-8
North Carolina d. DC Metro 4, 10-4
New Jersey North 2 d. Nor Cal 1, 16-6
Colorado d. Adirondack, 13-7

Onondaga Division

Long Island Metro 1 d. Baltimore Metro 12-7
Massachusetts/Rhode Island 1 d. New Jersey North 1, 10-8
DC Metro 1 d. Massachusetts/Rhode Island 2, 10-2
Long Island Metro 2 d. Philly 1, 12-6
Long Island Metro 1 d. Massachusetts/Rhode Island 1, 11-8
Baltimore Metro d. New Jersey North 1, 8-6
DC Metro 1 d. Long Island 2, 9-8
Philly 1 d. Massachusetts/Rhode Island 2, 13-2
Long Island Metro 1 d. New Jersey North 1, 14-6
Baltimore Metro 1 d. Massachusetts/Rhode Island 1, 11-9
DC Metro 1 d. Philly 1, 9-8
Long Island Metro 2 d. Massachusetts/Rhode Island 2, 14-1

Seneca Division

Upstate NY d. New Jersey South 1, 13-12
Long Island Metro 3 d. DC Metro 3, 11-6
Hudson Valley d. Philly 2, 13-5
Connecticut 1 d. Illinois, 11-6
DC Metro 2 d. Upstate NY, 11-7
Long Island Metro 3 d. Eastern Shore, 17-4
New Jersey South 1 d. Philly 2, 10-9
DC Metro 3 d. Illinois, 12-10
Upstate NY d. Hudson Valley, 9-7
Long Island Metro 3 d. Connecticut 1, 10-7
Philly 2 d. DC Metro 2, 8-5
Illinois d. Eastern Shore, 8-7
Hudson Valley d. New Jersey South 1, 18-7
Connecticut 1 d. DC Metro 3, 8-7

Tuscarora Division

Washington d. WNY/Greater Rochester 2, 13-8
Philly 4 d. Massachusetts/Rhode Island 3, 12-8
Georgia 1 d. Virginia, 12-6
San Diego d. Greater Houston, 9-3
South Florida d. WNY/Greater Rochester 1, 10-9
Philly 4 d. DC Metro 5, 13-7
Washington d. Georgia 1, 12-8
Massachusetts/Rhode Island 3 d. Greater Houston, 10-9
Virginia tied WNY/Greater Rochester 1, 6-6
San Diego tied Philly 4, 7-7
South Florida d. Georgia 1, 16-8
Greater Houston d. DC Metro 5, 15-7
Washington d. Virginia, 12-4
San Diego d. Massachusetts/Rhode Island 3, 14-4

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