US Lacrosse Announces Age Verification System

By Brian Logue

age verification

Logan Whitton

SPARKS, Md. — US Lacrosse is pleased to announce that it has developed and launched a secure, encrypted online age verification system. Age verification has been developed to:

  • Help ensure player safety
  • Support competitive fairness
  • Provide a consistent experience for youth lacrosse.

US Lacrosse is working with youth leagues and events throughout the country to ensure that players are grouped appropriately to make competition safe and fair. This is a one-time process that is good for the lifetime of a player’s membership.

“Player safety and competition integrity are primary goals of a best-practice youth lacrosse experience. The best way to assure those goals are met is to group competing players by similar physical and cognitive development stages, which are most accurately and consistently determined by player age,” said US Lacrosse CEO Steve Stenersen. “We’re fortunate to have over 300,000 US Lacrosse youth members, so establishing an age verification solution that is an additional benefit of membership will help every league, club and event in the country that supports US Lacrosse membership.”

The new US Lacrosse age verification system is secure and easy to use. Parents will submit proof of age documents through a secure online portal. Age verification uses SSL technology, the standard for transmitting sensitive information online.

Visit for more information.

US Lacrosse Health and Safety

US Lacrosse Health and Safety

US Lacrosse is committed to providing a safe and fun playing environment for participants. Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to support our efforts.


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