US Lacrosse Adopts New Strategic Plan

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US Lacrosse Adopts New Strategic Plan.

BALTIMORE — The US Lacrosse Board of Directors recently adopted a new three-year strategic plan that will shape the organization’s priorities from 2016-2018. The adoption was a key step in the planning process that began in the summer of 2014.

“We’ve done a thorough review of where we are and what we want to try to accomplish in the next three years for the sport and the organization,” said Rich Morgan, chair of the US Lacrosse Board of Directors. “The lacrosse landscape is changing, and we’re adapting our programs and services to extend our reach to help the sport grow.”

The plan focuses on four key areas:

National Governing Body: US Lacrosse is the national thought-leader of the sport. Through programs and services, effective leadership, positive influence and meaningful advocacy, US Lacrosse drives the thoughtful development and adoption of lacrosse best practices and standards.

Education: US Lacrosse provides essential and comprehensive educational resources, tools and information for coaches, officials, parents, players, administrators and volunteers to ensure a quality experience for the lacrosse community.

Outreach and Inclusion: US Lacrosse provides programs and services that introduce the sport to those unfamiliar with it, reduce financial barriers to participate and support the establishment of accessible and self-sustainable lacrosse programs to assure a diverse national lacrosse community.

Volunteer and Staff Culture and Structure: US Lacrosse offers a dynamic, cohesive structure and culture for volunteers and staff that embody a shared commitment to core values and uphold unified behavioral standards that drive mission success.

“One of our goals was to make this simple for the public to understand, and for US Lacrosse to implement,” said Scott Hugdahl, chair of the Strategic Planning Committee. “We had involvement from the staff, the volunteer leadership, the US Lacrosse Foundation and wise voices from outside of US Lacrosse to help develop the plan, and that put us on solid footing in developing the key areas on which we will be focusing.”

A more detailed summary of the plan is available here (PDF).

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