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Why Lacrosse Should Risk It Like REI

By Erin Smith | @USLacrosse REI announced this week that it would not open its stores on Black Friday. Its website says, ”REI believes that being outside makes our lives better. On Black Friday, we are closing all our stores and going outside. For 76 years, our passion has been to bring you great gear to get you out too.” How audacious of them ... More

Why Great Lacrosse Attackers Play Like Zombies

By Kate Leavell | @KateLeavell Alan Rennie Midfielders are do-it-all players. They run the offense. They command the defense. Most are driven by the desire to score rather than the desire to do full-field sprints, but they do it anyway because they know it’s their job. But how many attackers know their role also overlaps with that of midfielders? Do ... More