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Team USA Headed to World Championship Game

By Brian Logue | @uslacrosse Randy Daly Box score COQUITLAM, B.C. — Seven different players scored multiple goals, led by Alex Roesner with five, as the United States dominated Australia 23-1 to advance to the championship game of the 2016 Federation of International Lacrosse Men’s U19 World Championship. The U.S., the only nation to have won ... More

Making the Fastest Game on Two Feet Faster

By Brian Logue Brian LogueLacrosse fans have long embraced “the fastest game on two feet” slogan to help sell the excitement of the sport. But for new players learning the sport, the fastest game on two feet isn’t always so fast.If you've ever been to a youth lacrosse game, you've seen something similar to the ground ball scrum in the picture above. ... More

Can the Ball Make the Game Safer?

By Brian Logue An often-overlooked piece of equipment related to safety is the actual lacrosse ball. Original research in 2005 by Trey Crisco, a member of the US Lacrosse Sports Science and Safety Committee, led to the development of a NOCSAE ball standard. In 2014, the NOCSAE standard became required for all games using NCAA/NFHS/USL rules.Now, the ball ... More

Love the Game? Pay it Forward

By Annie Pugh With the spring lacrosse season having arrived, my to-do list seems to be getting longer with each day as my “part-time” lacrosse coaching job begins to consume my life. We all make sacrifices for our beloved sport, however, for me, it’s a labor of love. I believe that being a part of lacrosse and the world of athletics has molded me ... More

The Medicine Game

By Beth Mahr Courtesy of EXCEL Lacrosse, the creator’s game, is filled with rich life lessons, character building, team building, communication, and healing. In the early roots of lacrosse, the game was played for the creator’s enjoyment and the healing of people. Fast-forward hundreds of years, and people all over the world are seeing the impact of ... More